David D'Angelo Photographer

I love the process of photography combined with imaging and I use whatever tools necessary, to accomplish my goals. I readily admit, I am a creator of imagery, rather than a purist photographer ~ And I have no guilt, whatsoever, in saying so : ) You can see a part of my process in the 'Images' portfolio.

I prefer working conceptually and begin each new project by focussing on the emotion I'm hoping to elicit in the final image. 

Unlike many photographers who work tightly within a style, I have always allowed myself to explore whatever I am feeling at the moment. It also keeps me sane. Personally, I've never understood the idea of being a 'creative', only to do the same thing over and over again. Just saying...

I shoot people. Fashion, beauty, musicians, and portraits. Nothing excites me more than capturing a moment of the human spirit. 

I sincerely thank my father who handed me my first camera at the age of twelve. His inspiration has never faded. 


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