David D'Angelo Photographer
I love the process of photography combined with imaging and I use whatever tools necessary, to accomplish my goals. I readily admit, I am a creator of imagery, rather than a purist photographer ~ And I have no guilt, whatsoever, in saying so : ) You can see a part of my process in the 'Images' portfolio.

I prefer working conceptually and begin each new project by focussing on the emotion I'm hoping to elicit in the final image. 

Unlike many photographers who work tightly within a style, I have always allowed myself to explore whatever I am feeling at the moment. It also keeps me sane. Personally, I've never understood the idea of being a 'creative', only to do the same thing over and over again. Just saying...

I shoot people. Fashion, beauty, musicians, and portraits. Nothing excites me more than capturing a moment of the human spirit. 

My recent personal work, has immersed me into the world of competitive and artistic pole dancing. ( which can be seen in the 'Vertical Arts' portfolio ) As co-founder, chief photographer and creative director, at Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine, from inception until 2012, I am passionate in my efforts to enlighten the public perception of these amazing athletes, and hope my images will help remove the taboos that this beautiful art form still suffers. I sold my share of the magazine to my partner in 2012 to pursue other personal projects, including the creation of the Pole Dance Excellence Calendar, premiering in January 2014. 

And of course, like so many other bios which include a similar shout out: I send a sincere thank you to my Father, who handed me my first camera at the age of twelve. His inspiration has never faded. 


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